At Hands On Healthcare, get what you’ve always wanted from your doctor


At Hands on Healthcare, you get lots of personal attention. Dr. Reichert is with you during your entire appointment, which usually lasts around an hour. She will review your medical history, address your concerns and provide your treatment herself—right there, right away. Learn More»


You can look forward to a caring approach and sensitivity to your needs. Wear comfortable clothes and expect that your visit will leave you feeling relaxed and nurtured. Dr. Susan is genuinely concerned about your comfort and healing. More about that»

Innovative Medicine

Dr. Reichert combines traditional medical care with natural and alternative methods to give you the best of both worlds. She uses light pressure osteopathic and craniosacral techniques to help relieve pain, improve function and release physical and emotional elements of stress and disease. These gentle hands-on therapies engage the body’s own ability to heal itself—and are ideal for both adults and children. More details»
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