It is my privilege to accompany individuals at a time when they are experiencing discomfort or otherwise seeking change.  As a physician, I see each patient as unique and valuable, and worthy of my attention, empathy, respect and assistance.

My Practice Philosophy:

1) First, do no harm.

2) Offer the best medicine I know.

3) Stand by and let the patient and inner health do the healing.

I chose to go into medicine because I wanted to help people, and I thought it was a versatile field that would allow me a variety of career opportunities.  I have certainly realized both of those intentions!  Over the past thirty years, I have had the privilege of caring for thousands of individuals in rural, suburban and inner city settings in several different states.  I practiced general pediatrics as part of a large multi-center medical group in Denver and I worked as the only pediatrician in a remote, under-served community in Utah.  I directed departments in an inner city children’s hospital and at a community-funded child abuse center right here in Bend.  I have taken care of individuals from the moment of birth and some who were in their 80’s. Much of my work has been with individuals who have experienced trauma and abuse.

Many patients find it easier to come to me for counseling for emotional difficulties before they are ready to engage with a mental health professional.  I have found that women at various stages of their lives – teens, pregnant women and those dealing with infertility, moms whose kids are starting kindergarten and those who are leaving for college, women who face hormone imbalances and those who are caring for their elderly parents, those who have dealt with life’s worst tragedies: the loss of a spouse or child, their own or a loved one’s diagnosis of cancer – individuals who are in transitions which may be painful, confusing, depressing or simply exhausting – are especially rewarding for me to work with.

My first real job as a health care provider was as an athletic trainer in college.  That spurred my interest in sports medicine which continues to play out as I offer care now through sports physicals and to help with recovery from accidents and injuries.  My own life experiences included several car accidents, so I understand the widespread and long-lasting effects those impacts may have.  It was my preference not to take strong medications or to undergo invasive procedures for my injuries that led me to osteopathic medicine and craniosacral therapy.  The holistic, intuitive and natural aspects of osteopathy – and the benefits I gleaned from those interventions – convinced me to learn those techniques to offer to my own patients.

When I graduated from medical school and took an oath to serve patients, I prioritized two things: 1) Do no harm and 2) Use the best medicine I know to give the best service I can to the individuals in my care.  I have trained in a broad spectrum of healing philosophies and therapeutic techniques in order to accomplish these goals.  It is my personality style to sample many options and take the best from each to create a unique gift of my own.  That’s what I offer in my current practice at Hands on Healthcare for Children and Adults.  It is my pleasure and privilege to participate in the care of the amazing people who choose me for their health and wellness needs.  I love my patients!

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