Policies and Forms

24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Unlike larger practices with staff to make a reminder call for an upcoming office visit, Hands on Healthcare relies on you to remember your appointment.  If unable to make it to a scheduled appointment, patients are asked to contact Dr. Reichert at 541-419-8743 at least 24 hours in advance.  It is sufficient to leave a message and your call will be returned.  I will be happy to re-schedule your appointment for the next available opening. Please DO NOT EMAIL cancellation messages. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, patients who do not give 24 hour notice will be billed for the appointment.

New Patient Registration Forms

You may print the New Patient Registration Forms and complete them at your convenience prior to your first visit to Hands on Healthcare.  Please share all the requested information that you can easily supply and bring the completed forms with you to my office.  Should you not have time to prepare the forms ahead of time, please  phone me the day prior to your visit at 541-419-8743 to let me know that you will be arriving 15 – 20 minutes before your appointment to fill out the forms.  I will set them out for you in the waiting area.

Note that these documents are not interactive — please print them out, write on them and bring with you to your appointment.  Printing works best if your margins are set at 0.8 top and bottom, 1.0 left and 0.8 right.  

Click here to download the NEW PATIENT FORMS

Click here to download the NEW PEDIATRIC PATIENT FORMS                   (for kids 12 yo and under)

Late Arrivals

I understand that sometimes patients run late.  If you arrive within 15 -20 minutes of your appointment time, I will likely be able to get you in for the rest of your scheduled time.  Later than that, we likely will need to re-schedule.  I appreciate it greatly if you call me to say that you are on your way; otherwise, I may leave the office to attend to other tasks.

It is true that there are times when I also may fall behind.  Sometimes a patient’s needs spill over a little beyond the allotted time.  If this happens, I will come out to the waiting area and let you know that I will be with you shortly.  Once we have worked together, you will understand how this might occur and I will be grateful of your tolerance.  You will be given the same consideration, should you ever require a little more time to complete our session.  Occasionally, if there is a reason that I know will cause me to be late, I will attempt to call you to offer you a slightly delayed start time so that you may make best use of your day.  I do respect everyone’s busy schedule and will do my best to provide timely and considerate service.  Each patient will have my full attention during our sessions.  Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

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