As a female physician, I very personally understand the particular needs that women have when they seek medical care.  When I go the doctor, I want her to take the time to really hear my concerns and to consider my whole self — body, mind, feelings and spirit — when she develops her diagnosis and treatment plan.  It is my goal to offer that to all of my patients.

We have different healthcare priorities at different stages of our lives as women.

I empathize with girls and teens, college women, women who work outside their homes and women whose work is home and family, women who have retired and those who have the wisdom of years beyond mine.  Life seems to bring one transition after another: I know the importance of navigating those passages with care and compassion.

Fertility issues, having a healthy pregnancy, handling post-partum changes and moods, newborn feeding difficulties, colic, parenting demands — those are other important transitions with which I can assist.  Whether launching the first child to daycare or kindergarten, dropping off that college freshman, planning that wedding or visiting a new grandchild…special challenges — and self-care opportunities — arise with each new phase of letting go for women who have children.

For all women, mid-life physical changes, hormonal imbalance, career and life purpose considerations bring me other opportunities to contribute to the quality of their lives.  And when facing chronic illness, health crises — our own and those of loved ones — or the loss of family and friends — women may need more than what the standard medical system provides.  The gentle and supportive care I give my patients can help women of all ages and in all circumstances to experience the fullness of their lives and the Health they deserve.

I am excited to coordinate with other providers to create the unique Team of Care that will help you to achieve your vision of Wellness.

My treatments can alleviate

·        Fertility or  Pregnancy Concerns

·        Mothering Issues

·        Menstrual Problems

·        Recovery from  Miscarriage

·        Menopause Transitioning

·        Hormone Balancing

·        Stress and Emotional Discomfort

·       Feeling  “Out of Balance”

·        Headaches, Migraines

·        Dizziness and Vertigo

·        Fatigue, Lack of Energy

·        Digestive Problems

·        Sports Injuries

·        Persistent or Recurring Pain Anywhere in the Body

·        Back, Muscle and Joint Pain and Limitation

·        Preparing for Delivery or Surgery

·        Trauma, Accidents, Abuse

Supporting your primary medical care

As an adjunct to primary medical interventions, craniosacral and osteopathic therapy can also enhance healing and improve quality of life in individuals with:

·        Cancer Diagnoses

·        Autoimmune Conditions

·        Fibromyalgia

·        Other Chronic or Complex Health Issues

·        Recovery after Illness, Surgery, Childbirth, Accidents or Other Trauma

Optimizing your health

For those women who are in transition of any kind, who may not be ill or injured, but want to optimize their health and feel their best, I can recommend and follow up:

·        Exercise and Nutrition Plans

·        Body-Mind-Spirit Practices

·        Career, Relationship and Life Situation Growth and Changes

·        Intentions to Renew Health and Restore Balance



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