Traditional Medical Methods

Also referred to as “conventional” or “Western” medicine, these are the interventions that we expect to receive from regular medical doctors (MDs).  After listening to your concerns, conducting a physical exam, and considering possible diagnoses, I will offer the treatments best suited to your condition.

A typical office visit includes:

Sharing your history

There will be ample time for you to tell me about the concerns you have.  I will ask many questions to help clarify what you are experiencing.  A typical history covers physical symptoms as well as a review of  past medical history, mental, emotional, social, spiritual and family contributors to your situation.

Physical examination

I will check those parts of your body which may relate to the concerns you present. For example, I may test your range of motion, strength and muscle tone, listen to your heart and lungs, check your ears and throat, measure your blood pressure or weight. For kids, I may measure height and head size, plot growth curves, and/or evaluate developmental milestones.

I respect your privacy and will modify the exam to maximize your comfort.

During the treatment phase of a visit, additional assessment of your body’s condition and overall health will unfold.  I will, in most cases, provide a session of gentle manual therapy right there in the office during your visit.

See Osteopathy & Craniosacral Therapy  for information on the types of therapies I employ.

Assessment or diagonosis

I will share my impression of your condition with you and list the appropriate codes on the billing statement so that your insurance company will understand what was done during your visit.

Plan and recommendation

Together, you and I will decide when and how often you may need to return for additional visits.  If tests or medications are needed, I will prescribe those for you.  However, those are rarely the end of my recommendations. I generally suggest many non-pharmaceutical remedies, such as nutritional modifications, herbal and vitamin supplements, natural medicines, exercise, journaling, visualizations and directed self-care measures.  If called for, I will make referrals for counseling, acupuncture, massage, homeopathy, physical therapy and consultation with other medical providers, and I can coordinate my care with the rest of your health team.


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